Please contact me for information on upcoming training or to schedule a training session with your group.

​Thank you!

Dave Fox - 406.698.9835



Course Explanations:

* All OSHA classes are limited to 7.5 hours per day, making OSHA 10 a two day class and OSHA 30 a four day class.  (These are OSHA rules) Must have 4 attendees minimum

* PEC Basic Orientation/Safeland can be taught in one day. Minimum class time is 6.5 hours.

* PEC Core Compliance (24 hours) can be taught in three days.

* H2S Clear is a 4 hour class.

* American Heart Association - CPR, 1st Aid & AED courses available

​      - "Hands Only" CPR - geared toward anyone wanting to learn the most basic skills to help save a life

      - "Heartsaver" CPR - A more advanced approach. 

​This adds rescue breathing.

​      - "BLS" CPR - geared toward the professional 1st responder

​We have 2 certified instructors, 6 adult manikins, 1 infant manikin, 2 trainer AED's, 2 bag masks... we can train class sizes up to 12 attendees.  Per AHA rules the max ratio of students to instructors is 6:1​​